The Reader’s Brain

The writer should remember that words are tools designed to fit the system of human understanding. The reader’s brain decodes the information received, but the message received doesn’t always match[ . . . ]

Artists inside

I have to go back in time to find the first seed, which was planted by a professor of criminology. It was 1980, and the professor was Guido Galli. The[ . . . ]


The eclecticism of Leonardo da Vinci always strikes me. His curiosity and naturalist intelligence have made him the icon of humanism. I often encounter the works of Leonardo, ranging from[ . . . ]

Leda, the cake designer

I personally think that cake design is a visual art that should stand out from baking, but she thinks differently, perhaps because she is a perfectionist. For Leda Intorta, in[ . . . ]


The picture strikes you immediately, the message a little later. It looks like the work of Banksy, the most famous and mysterious street artist, and I like to think he[ . . . ]

The reader’s brain

There are more and more advertising campaigns to promote reading, and all of them relate to culture. Yes, it is true, reading enriches knowledge, is food for the mind, and[ . . . ]

The myth of self

More and more often we hear and read something about the need, the duty, or the right to be “one’s self”. I do not know how many of you know[ . . . ]


I do not mind writing book reviews. I think it is stimulating to verbalize emotions and impressions derived from reading a text, and it is often during the writing of[ . . . ]

March 8

Once a year we sum up our existence and, for a few days, we reflect on the outcome. Then nature wants us to get used to the weight of the[ . . . ]

The new book

I had the story in my mind for long time. I saw its colors and its forms come to light, grow and change over time. I heard its sounds: the[ . . . ]

There is an enchanted place

There is an enchanted place where the sky touches the sea and the old seems new. If you know how to listen, between the whistles of the wind can be[ . . . ]