Milena Kalat

Sibyl von der Schulenburg is well known for her success in tournaments (shows), but that she writes books only few people know. Her latest book Stable of Sorrow is focused[ . . . ]

Filippo di Paola

I think it is a marvelous book, at first look simple then, thinking perspectively, a deep one.All people here’s suffers of some kind of mental disturb, as everyone does in[ . . . ]


A powerful story. A book that travels on two tracks, for those who love the novel and fluent reading, for those who like to dig deep into the human soul[ . . . ]

Stable of sorrow

The shiny look on the world of western horse in a psycho-novel that involves and upsets

I watch you

I Watch You is “a text that pushes and forces you to chase the absolute need of the last page, towards the final longed for, a shocking and absolutely extraordinary finish.” – Pino[ . . . ]

There is an enchanted place

There is an enchanted place where the sky touches the sea and the old seems new. If you know how to listen, between the whistles of the wind can be[ . . . ]