I watch you

I_watch_youI Watch You is “a text that pushes and forces you to chase the absolute need of the last page, towards the final longed for, a shocking and absolutely extraordinary finish.” – Pino Roveredo

What is the relationship between the shadow that secretly watches Valentina roll out sugar paste, and Sofia, the student of the cake designer?

The answer isn’t simple, and it involves the changes that have devastated Sofia’s life, cracking her fragile mental balance. Suddenly the student’s love for the beautiful cake designer fades, giving way to contempt. Silent admiration explodes in acts of stalking, and Valentina feels alone, exposed to a faceless enemy.

The various identities that characterize the life of Sofia are finally reduced to only one, the one appreciated by Dr. Zuccala, the psychologist who said he cares for her.

No … he said he loved her.